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Different Behavioral Changes in Dementia and Ways to Address It

Different Behavioral Changes in Dementia and Ways to Address It

Caring for loved ones who are suffering from dementia can be a very challenging duty you need to prepare for. There will be days where you are upset and even days where you feel down because you simply don’t know what to do with the way they’re behaving. It might be hard to figure out what causes your loved ones to act out, and that’s why it is essential to view the person as separate from the disease so you’ll not transpose your anger or irritation to them. Remember that the behaviors they are manifesting are results of the changes in the physiology of their brain.

When you are caring for your loved ones with dementia, be familiar with the common challenging behaviors so you can adequately deal with the matter; in doing so, you’ll not be shocked why all of a sudden they become agitated, afterwards they begin to be suspicious and wander. The very core in addressing the problems about dementia is to always respond in an effective and calm approach. These are tips from a Home Health Care in Lawrenceville, Georgia when it comes to behavioral changes associated with dementia:

  • When They Become Aggressive
    When your loved ones have become aggressive, it’s important that you’ll always maintain your cool. The key is to figure out what could be the root cause why your loved one is beginning to become aggressive on you. When you have already identified the root cause, talk to them in a manner that is calm, understandable, and one which can give them a reassured feeling. On the contrary, even if you are already reaching your boiling point, never try to argue with the elderly. You are just going to fan the flames and create an even more hostile situation.
  • Dealing with Suspicion
    Even if you have been the primary caregiver of your loved one with dementia, there will be instances wherein they are going to become suspicious towards you. Such event could be due to their memory loss and disoriented feeling; they also have a different perception about the things around them.
    When they begin to be suspicious of the people around them or accusatory towards you, do not feel hurt but instead remember that what they are exhibiting is a result of their disease. Never try to prove your innocence because it is just an exercise in futility. What you can do is to redirect their attention to other things so that they’ll have feelings of decrease suspicions.
  • Wandering Episodes
    Any caregiver attending to the needs of a loved one or patient with dementia would need to be attentive to episodes of wandering. What is wandering and why is it dangerous? Well, wandering can be goal-oriented or not. When it is goal oriented, the elderly are guided with the desire to go to their previous workplace because they think they are still employed, or any places that have significant memories to them; as for non-goal-directed wandering, the senior will just walk aimlessly.
    This can be dangerous because the patient may go outside of the house or facility and then meet an accident while on the road. To address this situation, you need to spend more time doing supervised activity so that they won’t have enough energy left for them to wander. Practice redirecting the perception of seniors to something else in order that they’ll stop from wandering.

Whenever you are seeing that there are changes in the cognition of your loved ones, it is necessary to seek Nursing Care services from Gateway Healthcare Systems LLC so that they can be cared for professionally. It is also imperative to show understanding and compassion to your loved ones whenever they experience changes in cognition so you can help maintain their dignity and ensure that their well-being is looked after.

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