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Effects of Dementia in the Life of Seniors

Effects of Dementia in the Life of Seniors

Through the years, dementia remains to be a prevalent mental condition in seniors. Studies have identified it as a leading cause of death which is difficult to either slow down or cure.

Dementia is the overall term for a group of symptoms that affect the memory and other mental activities. When it gets in the way of a person’s peaceful mental state, all the other aspects of their life can be disturbed. Here’s what the disease can create for seniors:

  • Disorientation

    Seniors with dementia become easily confused with places and directions. They can forget familiar settings, where they’re currently at, where they’re supposed to be headed and why they are going there. They can also have troubles remembering people’s names, as well as placements of important items such as their wallet. Their memory can no longer be reliable.

  • Low Comprehension

    With dementia, the ability of seniors to concentrate, analyze, and learn new things gradually decline. Making wise judgments and solving problems is hard to achieve on their own. They also become easily distracted which makes communicating with them and winning their focus trickier.

  • Verbal Frustrations

    Declining cognitive functions also affect seniors’ ability to communicate well. In consequence, they tend to take time articulating thoughts, constructing lines, and choosing words. The new state of their speech abilities can become a barrier. They can also tend to repeatedly ask the same question over and over.

  • Mood Swings

    The emotions of seniors with dementia can play tricks on you. One moment they look like in tranquil, the next thing you know is that they’ve turned irritable. They also become more prone to anxiety, frustrations, apprehensions, depression, and loss of motivation. Their personality changes – more often than not, for the worse.

  • Unproductivity

    Dementia can create the following functional effects: difficulty in performing daily living activities and completing even the simplest tasks, slower reactions, and safety issues while exercising alone. Caregivers would be greatly needed in the hopes of receiving dependable assistance. Without such, seniors’ overall hygiene, nutrition, and safety can suffer a great extent.

No dementia case is easy to deal with. We understand that even caring for your senior who might have the disease can be taxing for you and your family. To lower your stressors, Gateway Healthcare Systems, Home Health Care in Lawrenceville, Georgia, provides Nursing Care and Personal Care!

We recognize how dementia can be seriously detrimental for seniors, and that it could require everyday assistance for quality living. Our Nursing Care can be relied upon in administering adequate care for dementia patients who opt to reside in their own home and stay close to family. You can find more information about our services by browsing through You can also call us through at 678-523-2712.

Seek no better Home Health Care in Lawrenceville, Georgia than us! We can work together in keeping your senior secure amidst the downsides of dementia.

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